Massage Experience at Home

by Abena Savage on October 13, 2020

 Experience the Sensuality of a Spa Massage and Reignite the Intimacy in Your Relationship (All From the Comfort of Your Home


In recent months, the home has become more than the place where your heart is:

It’s become where we work.

It’s become school.

It’s become everything else except the relaxing abode you want it to be.


And while the outside world continues to open and close in response to the pandemic, you can’t easily seek an escape out of the house like you used to.

Now, there’s good news and bad news with that:
Good: You’re spending more time with your significant other because of it.

Bad: But seeing each other so much and doing the same thing day in and day out can make it easy to get into a routine and lose the spark.

Bad: There’s nowhere to go to release all the pent-up stress from doing all those things. For you and for your partner. Inside the closet or behind a locked bathroom door isn’t cutting it.

But the good news?

There’s a way to release the stress, connect more intimately with your partner and turn any room into an enchantingly sensual and close spa experience:

The MMassage Therapeutic Male Comfort Portable Massage. It’s a massage table specially designed with both female and male comfort in mind, so you can lay back and relax and have your partner massage away your stresses – just like you would at a spa.

This easy-to-use, portable massage table has a special opening to allow for a male partner to comfortably lay down without being distracted by discomfort. And it’s perfect for female partners too – just close the opening.

The MMassage table isn’t just designed for comfort. It’s made to enhance your connection with your partner by making massages an everyday part of your life.

It’s intimacy, comfort and relaxation – all in one place.

The best part of the MMassage is it’s the easiest way to treat yourself, your partner and indulge in self-care. Plus, it’s:

    • Portable – Every massage table can be easily folded up and transported to any room. Take it out when you need a date night in and put it back to save some space.

    • Multi-purpose – Not only is the massage table great for massages, but it’s also comfortable enough for daily stretches, yoga or for meditation, so you can relax even when you’re not with your partner.

    • Easy-to-useIntimacy, sensuality and relaxation all have one thing in common – ease. That’s why the MMassage table doesn’t come with complicated instructions or a head-scratching setup.

The MMassage Table is the premiere choice not just for your home – but for massage therapists, chiropractors and service professionals alike.

But you don’t need to be a professional to reap the relaxing benefits of having an MMassage in your own home.

Or to use your touch to show your partner how much you care.

Or to ensure comfort and relaxation are parts of keeping your mental health in check during a pandemic.

Ready for more calm, more intimacy and more self-care?

Get the portable, male and female comfort-friendly, portable, at-home solution to more intimacy and deeper connection here.

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