Our 5 Tips for Setting (and Keeping) the Mood for an Erotic Massage

by Abena Savage on April 23, 2021
Erotic Massage
Ah, the erotic massage. Something a lot of us dream about. We’d be very surprised if you told us that sensual massages weren’t something high up on your sex bucket-list. Now, thanks to the power of the internet, here at MMassage - manufacturer of the highest quality massage tables - we can bring you our top 5 tips for setting the mood in an erotic massage. When it comes to improving intimacy with a partner, few things beat a good erotic massage.


1. Devote Time to It

Your erotic massage should be uninterrupted for at least a few hours. We’re not saying it should necessarily last that long, but making sure both of you can relax in the knowledge that you’re not going to need to answer the door for delivery or pick up the kids from school will make it all the better. When you do want to set the mood, make sure to turn your phones to ‘do not disturb’ if you’re likely to have calls and notifications come through.

Another reason to ‘bulk-book’ a long period together is you’re not going to know where it might lead! Your massage might turn into something more in the bedroom, after all, or you might simply want to lay together and cuddle for a while afterwards!


2. Prepare Your Space

Depending on where you’ve decided to carry out the erotic massage, you’ll want to ensure your space is fully prepared. We’re not talking about the ambiance (at least, not yet) - we mean more in terms of tidiness and clutter. You don’t want to be stepping over the mess and feeling compelled to take 5 minutes to clear up mess, mid-massage.

If you’re planning to use BDSM accessories, or you think you’ll need some lube or extra oil, get those set up ahead of time so you don’t need to go looking for them when you remember you need them. If in doubt, over prepare so that your massage experience is as relaxed and organic as possible.


3. Comfort is Key

Make sure that both you and your partner are comfortable. For the massage-giver, you want to ensure you’re not tiring yourself out. One of our best tips we can give is to ensure you’re not using your fingers and thumbs too much, if at all! They’re great for guiding movement and pressure but can easily get tired if used in isolation without the support of other muscles. If your partner (the massage receiver) has a penis, it’s definitely worth investing in a comfortable solution to account for anatomy.

By using a massage table that’s built for purpose, you can ensure there’ll be no ‘readjusting’ that needs to take place to make them comfortable. Stopping and starting like this will take you out of the moment and inevitably lead to one or both of you deciding not to carry on. These are little things that make all the difference in perfecting your erotic massage experience.


4. Sensual Senses

The most important thing about giving a successful erotic massage - for both of you - is ensuring that it’s enjoyable on all fronts. In terms of sight, we want to ensure that the light is low and warm. Ideally, your massage receiver will have their eyes closed, but as with most things erotic, it’s hard to not want to sneak a peek! If they’re a bit cheeky though, get them to wear a blindfold.

Setting the mood with smells is also key. One of the most erotic senses is scent, so it would be smart to fill the room with your favourite fragrances. Some pheromone oils won’t go amiss! You also don’t need to use nature sounds or singing bowls if that’s not your style, choose an erotic album or make a joint playlist with some R&B.


5. Get the Temperature Just Right

Nobody likes cold hands, especially not if you’re trying to get a massage from them! Not only that, but if you’re giving massages with cold hands then you’re likely to start aching a much more quickly, too. As well as warming up your hands by sitting them in a bowl of warm water, do the same with your oil of choice and a bain-marie. It’s the simplest way to start off strong and helps to release tension.


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If you have a hard time getting started - maybe you’re not too confident in your massage abilities, which is completely normal - then bring in some accessories like satin or feather ticklers! You can also spice up your erotic massage by bringing in some of your partner’s fetishes, or fantasies. It should really be a fun experience for both of you.

If you’re interested in working on an erotic massage for both you and your partner, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on info@mmassage.com for more top tips!