Kathy Allen is a licensed massage therapist, entrepreneur and founder of the highly successful MMassage Table. Chiropractors, massage therapists, injured individuals and stressed couples turn to Kathy when they want to develop deep mind, body, soul connections and curate comfortable, sensational massage experiences.

Kathy is recognized for her healing hands. With nearly a decade of experience specializing in Swedish and deep tissue massages along with hydrotherapy and Shuitu, Kathy knows a thing or two on how to use the power of touch to spark the fires of sensuality between you and your partner.

Having graduated with over 800 hours of practice, Kathy's dedication to honing her craft is what’s kept her clients returning, time and time again, even well after their stresses have been melted away by her precise, magical touch.

Her signature MMassage Table, a top-selling, male-anatomy friendly portable massage, is perfect for service providers who want to deliver sensual experiences and couples who wish to make intimacy and connection an integral part of their everyday lives.

When she’s not changing her clients’ worlds through positive touch, she can be found spending time with her 3 children and learning the latest techniques.